Connect to the popular channels and increase your revenue

Connecting international channels to your Selfie Software, will allow you to synchronize your reservations’ calendar and increase your property exposure. The different channels will help you to advertise the property and to get more guests. All the reservations will show up on one screen.

Synchronizing with different channels will give you flexibility with rates and restrictions, directly from your Selfie. Managing the channels is easy, fast, automatic and will help you to save and earn more money.

With the Channels Management you will be able to learn and to draw better conclusions about your work and reservation process in your property and analyze the reservations’s segmentation between the channels.






All popular channels in one place

Easy operation in one system

Optima software offers wide management solution to control all POS in the hotel. With Optima, hotel’s managers can get an on-line update about the Restaurants, Bars, etc.

Full Channels Synchronization

No more overbooking situations! With channels manager in Optima, all the channels are fully synchronized and will automatically update your rooms’ status.

Maximum Exposure

Reach more potential guests, by connecting your property to channels manager. The popular channels reaches Millions of potential clients and your presence there is essential.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Optima is a cloud-based software, which allows you to control the channels management anytime, anywhere. Control the rates and availability at all time.

Data Analysis

By connecting channels to your Optima, you will be able to analyze data and to see the reservations’ split between the different channels. Smart analysis will help you to operate your property better and to increase revenue.

Revenue Optimization

Dynamic set up rates for seasons/periods and smart pricing management to get the best price per room. Control the rates and restrictions from your Optima, reach more potential clients and increase your revenue.

Choose the suitable package for you


  • Cloud users
  • Calendar
    Reservations, Guest profile and Rates
  • Channel Manager
    Booking, Expedia, Air BNB
  • Responsive Design
    Tablets & Smartphones
  • CRM
    Customer Relationship Management, Club Management
  • Selfie's Mobile App
    Control directly from your smartphone
  • Front Desk Management
    Check In / Check Out
  • Finance Module
    Folio, Invoices , Receipts
  • House Keeping
    Maintenance Management
  • Email Support
    Online Video Tutorials included


  • 1


  • 5

החבילה הסגולה

  • 5

החבילה הכחולה

  • 1


  • משתמשי ענן
  • ניהול יומן
    (הזמנות, פרופיל אורח ומחירונים)
  • ניהול ערוצי מכירה און-ליין
    ( booking + expedia + AirBNB)
  • עיצוב רספונסיבי
    (מותאם לעבודה בטאבלט ובסמארטפון – שלושה מסכי עבודה )
  • מודול CRM
    (ניהול קשרי לקוחות)
  • אפליקציית סלפי
    (שליטה מלאה מהנייד)
  • ניהול עמדת קבלה
    (Check In / Check Out)
  • מודול חשבוניות וקבלות
    (חשבון אורח/קבלות/חשבוניות)
  • מודול משק בית
    (ניהול תחזוקה ומשק בית)
  • שרות ותמיכה בדוא"ל
    (כולל גישה למגוון סרטוני הדרכה און-ליין)

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