** This document is in masculine for convenience purposes only, and includes feminine as well.

Welcome to the SELFI application, intended for the use of hotel guests and providing them a wide range of services, including room service, ordering towels, and suggestions for cultural, entertainment and leisure events and such close to the hotel.

Please read these terms & conditions carefully prior to using the SELFI application (hereinafter the “Application“). The use of the Application, including the content presented in it, is subject to the terms of use set forth hereinafter (hereinafter the “T&C”).

By installing and using the Application, you agree to these T&C. If you disagree with these terms, in whole or partly, you may not install the Application or make any use of it. Any use of the Application or the services offered by it, including using the authorizations while operating it, is in your full responsibility, and with your consent to all terms.

The purpose of these T&C is to regulate the relations between Silverbyte Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) and any person and/or body and/or factor and/or anyone on their behalf, who uses the Application (hereinafter the “User”). You confirm that you have read the T&C, have understood their content and have agreed to be subject to their conditions.

The Company reserves the right to update the T&C time to time, at is sole discretion and without the need to notify in advance. The effectiveness of any change to the T&C shall begin upon its publication on the Application and the continued use of it shall be done accordingly.

The use of the Application is not for users under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you may not install the Application or use it.

These T&C are in addition to and inseparable of the Application’s privacy policy, which you can view here.

  1. Use of the Application
    • The Company hereby grants you the permission to install and use the Application on a tablet, mobile device or computer in your possession or in your control, all in accordance with the stipulations and provisions included in the T&C.
    • The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, at any time, the Application, the information and the service in its framework, including by adding, detracting, stopping or limiting them, changing the Application structure, appearance, scope and availability of the information and the service offered by it, and any other aspect involved in the Application, the service and their operation, without being required to give advance notice. The User shall not have any complaint and/or request and/or claim towards the Company for execution of the foregoing.
    • The Company has the right to terminate your access to the Application and the service in its framework at any time, at its sole discretion.
    • Login to the Application as well as certain services operated by it may require use of text message system (SMS) or internal notifications, and occasionally email if you shall be requested, for the purpose of managing, operating, verifying, identifying, or any other action you shall be required to do for the proper operation of the requested service. For this purpose, you require to give you general consent in advance, prior to installing the Application for use of the text message system in your device, and in order to sent you personal notifications or warning if necessary.
    • Prohibited Uses of the Application:

Without the pre-written authorization of the Company, you are not authorized to perform the following actions while using the Application and its content – failure to meet the following limitations might lead to preventing your access to the Application, and even expose you to civil and/or criminal liability by any law. Therefore, it is completely prohibited:

  • To make commercial use of the Application and/or the content of the Application.
  • To copy, restore, change, process, translate, reverse engineer, distribute and/or store the content of the Application, in whole or partly.
  • To operate or enable the operation of applications or software of the type of robots, crawlers and such, for the purpose of searching, scanning, copying and/or automatically restoring the Application content.
  • To present content from the Application in an open or concealed frame (iframe), or present the Application content in any what whatsoever, including by any software, device, accessory or communication protocol, which alter the original design of the Application and/or detract anything.
  • To disrupt and/or violate any right of other Users of the Applications, including the right to privacy and/or to gather personal information about the Application Users without their express written consent, including by automatic means and/or by unauthorized access to their device or their data.
  • To damage the honor or privacy of another User and/or to use the Application and/or its content to damage any person’s reputation and/or to publish incitement, fraud, libel and/or any other false, unreliable or maliciously damaging information.
  • Use of the Application or its content for creating a database and/or gathering information.
  1. Limited Liability
    • The Company supplies the Application as well as any information, content and services provided by the Application as-is, without any declarations or undertakings whatsoever. Use of the Application and/or the services available or offered by it is at the discretion and responsibility of the User alone, and the User shall bear sole responsibility for any consequent result. In addition, the images on the Application are for demonstration purposes only. The Company is also not responsible for the quality of the service, its availability or any other matter between the hotel and the User.
    • Even though the Company takes all means to present information as accurately and reliably as possible by the Application, the Company shall not bear any responsibility for the content on the Application (whether it originates in the Company or third parties) including their content, reliability, accuracy, and their effect on computers and/or tablets and/or other devices of the Application Users, and shall not be responsible for any damage of any sort and type whatsoever, including discomfort, loss, distress and such which shall be caused, whether directly or indirectly, to the Application User and/or his property and/or any third party as a result of relying on them and/or using them.
    • The Company goes to great effort in order to provide you with a quality user experience of the Application. However, the Application is not fault- and/or problem-proof and you might not have access to services by it from time to time. The Company does not undertake that the services shall have no faults, errors or mistakes and such.
    • The Company is not responsible towards you and/or towards any third party, regarding any change, temporary or permanent stop of the Application activity, the services offered in it and/or its content. In addition, the Company shall not be responsible for any damage which shall be caused or which shall be argued to have been caused to use and/or anyone on your behalf due to using the Application or not using it.
    • The content presented on the Application or by it cannot serve as a basis for making legal and/or other decisions by you. Any action you make based on this content is made at your discretion and responsibility alone. You are entitled to use the Application and the content presented therein for private and personal purposes only, and the Application and/or the content presented therein do not grant you any right apart from those specified in these T&C.
  2. Intellectual Property
    • These T&C grant license of use alone, which does not constitute a sale of the Application in any way whatsoever. It is clarified and emphasized that all rights of ownership and intellectual property, including copyright in the Application, belong to the Company alone.
    • All information appearing on the Application is in the exclusive ownership of the Company, and the information and services provided by it shall not be considered to be granting any license whatsoever or any rights whatsoever in the intellectual property of the Company and/or of third parties. It is prohibited to copy or publish the Application pages and/or to make any use whatsoever of them or the information and content therein, including commercial use, without the Company’s pre-written express consent.
    • For the avoidance of doubt, all intellectual property rights in the Application and the Application content, including the design, the source code and the binary code, trademarks, terms, confidential or trade information, service marks, copyrights, databases, derivative creations, formulas, reputation, ideas, samples, logo, market data, methods, moral rights, graphic files, trade names, technical information and any parallel or derivative right of any of the above – belong to the Company alone and/or a third party, if there is one, which has granted the Company the right to use them, and your use of them is prohibited without the Company’s pre-written express consent.
    • In addition, all content on the Application, including text, images, graphics, sound files, animation files, video files and the manner in which they are organized in the Application, are all subject to copyrights and other protections of intellectual property and privacy. It is prohibited to use, copy, replicate, restore, process, distribute, present or publish content from the Application or to make any use of it for commercial or private purposes, by yourself and/or anyone on your behalf, without the Company’s pre-written and express consent. Some of the Application content may even contain information or marks or content which are subject to copyrights of external manufacturers and/or suppliers and/or related companies, and the use of them might constitute a violation of their rights as well.
  3. Privacy Policy – please view the Application’s privacy policy, available here.
  4. Information Security
    • The Company does all it can and is assisted by acceptable technological and organizational security means in order to secure the Application and the methods of communication by it and the information in its control, against random or deliberate exploitation, loss, destruction, or against access by unauthorized persons. The communication between the Application User’s device and its supporting computers is secured by acceptable encryption methods, in accordance with customary standards. In addition, the Company takes reasonable means to protect the Application and hardware and software components related to its operation, and ensures to update them regularly, inter alia, in order to protect the Application and its content from hacking or unauthorized listening.
    • Despite the foregoing, the Company cannot guarantee securing the information and keeping it completely, and it does not undertake that its services will be completely proof of unauthorized access to the information or content stored therein. Therefore, it is hereby clarified that the Company shall not be responsible and shall not bear any responsibility in case of hacking and/or any damage whatsoever caused due to use of the Application and/or its content and/or its accompanying services, by the Application User and/or anyone on his behalf and/or due to security failure beyond its control.
  5. Miscellaneous
    • This document and/or the T&C included therein and/or the use of the Application in any way whatsoever, do not create and shall not be interpreted to create a partnership, a joint project, employee-employer relations or agency relations between yourself and the Company and/or anyone on its behalf.
    • In any case any of the provisions of this agreement and the use of this Application becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall not prevent and/or detract from the validity and/or legality of the other provisions of this agreement. It is clarified, that in such a case, the existence of another similar stipulation as enforceable instead of the stipulation which was redacted or removed.
    • The Company reserves its right to stop or change any aspect of the service at any time. These T&C, the use of the Application as well as your engagement with the Company, are subject to the laws of the state of Israel and shall be interpreted in accordance therewith.
    • The laws of the state of Israel alone shall apply to this agreement, its interpretation and its execution. The exclusive jurisdiction with regards to and/or pursuant to this agreement and the use of the Application shall be granted to the competent court in Haifa.
  6. Contact

On any question and/or request, please contact us via our contact form (direct link to the contact us page); or to the address ____________; by sending a fax to ____________; by email to ____________@____________; or by telephone to _____________.

If you believe that your privacy was violated in any way whatsoever by using the Application, by any factor, please contact the Company by one of the means specified above.